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Feb 21, 2013 7:00pm PST
believer. first off, some of the history of this extraordinary religion. all the other major world religions can pinpoint a particular time or perhaps a particular leader. but you go into the primordial early years of hinduism and it's very vague, very old, very mystical, how it all began. and in fact, the swami will say that hinduism really isn't a historical religion at all - it's about an eternal truth. so if we could turn to the swami, let's hear in his own words what hinduism is in terms of history, but also in terms of some of its key teachings. >> see, hinduism, we can divide the history into three heads - one of them ancient, one of them medieval, and then the modern. and in one sentence, the history, when we say, it's all about the past. hinduism really is called sanatana dharma, or the eternal religion, because it deals with the eternal values - not just the past values or the present values - and the eternal truth. so it is not a historical religion, like christianity or buddhism or islam, where someone founded on a particular date and then afterwards it went in growing.
Feb 24, 2013 10:30am EST
>> major funding for "religion and ethics weekly" is profounded by lilian, dedicated to the founders' interest in religion and education. additional funding also provided by mutual of america. designing custozedk. individual and group retirement products. that's why we're your retirement company. and the corporation for public broadcasting. >> welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. anticipation is growing over the selection of the next pope, following pope benedict xvi's surprise announcement that he is retiring. at one of his final public appearances, benedict asked for prayers for himself and his successor. he then entered a week long retreat amid wide speculation that the papal conclave might begin before march 15th, giving the cardinals more time to select the next pope before holy week. meanwhile, some american catholics are demanding cardinal roger mahony not attend the conclave because of his role in the clergy sex abuse crisis. recently released documents show the former archbishop of los angeles covered up abuse by priests. also, this week, the p
Feb 18, 2013 7:30am EST
funding for religion and edge ikz news weekly is brute to you by a family foundation dedicated to its founders' interest in religion, community development and education. additional funding also provided by mutual of america, designing customized, individual and group retirement products. that's why we're retirement company. and the corporation for public broadcasting. >> welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. pope benedict xvi stunned the world this week with the surprise announcement that he's decided to resign, the first pope to step down in 600 years. our coverage today includes analysis from two experts on the church, and it begins with reaction from catholics and non-catholics alike, gathered by our managing editor kim lawton. >> benedict said he's resigning "for the good of the church." >> isn't that a profound sign of his own humility in that he was able to recognize when, you know, it just was more than he could handle? and instead of letting just sort of others do the job, he viewed very strongly that we needed somebody in that position that would really
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Feb 19, 2013 12:00am PST
craft. the university of missouri hassed ad -- has added wiccan religions to help them schedule exams and other student activities. it includes things like chinese new year and mainstream holidays like christmas, hanukkah and channing-tatum's birthday. while not taken seriously the school hasn't received complaints about it and many have found it, quote, useful and informational. we track down a typical wiccan ceremony. >> we are getting letters from wiccans now. is this a big deal or a huge deal? >> i am totally in favor of this. we have all admitted that college is a waste of time. it costs a lot of money, and you are there and learning 3w* sexual liberation and canadian fiction, and you are bankrupting yourself doing it. you may get more from lighting candles. it may be more beneficial in the long run. >>> immogen, the american identification survey showed roughly 700,000 americans say they are wiccan or neo pagan. why not include their holidays in a guide? >> that and let's face it. a lot of these holidays were matched up to holidays that already exist. christianity took their hol
Feb 20, 2013 7:00pm PST
cardinal in the roman catholic faith is someone you would say immediately is the belief style of religion, but you're so right, susanna, that all the styles were embodied in that man, and he was certainly a seeker. in fact, i had a wonderful conversation with martin marty, who that he had a chance to meet the great religious people of the world - the dalai lama, the pope, other great religious leaders - and he said that every one, they go so deeply into their own tradition, that they can find connection with other traditions. and our swami that we'll meet in the next class is exactly like that also, because he sees all religious paths as leading to a similar summit. not everybody agrees with that, yeah, you want to follow-up, susanna? >> well, i was just going to say, truly, you may have hit on it, that the deeper you go, the more you recognize. and his roots were down, and you could see there were other ones there, sort of mixing in with yours, but there is a connection. >> i love the root comment, and we want to stay with the root comment here in your beautiful piece you read to us. and
Feb 23, 2013 9:00pm EST
. they are bound, i'd like a mummy in the bindings of tradition and religion so there is a rigidity that keeps people from having much independence or individualism. but the internet and social media and satellite tv are penetrating those walls and a big way. so young people and 60 percent of the population is sunday -- under 20 years of age. so without knowing an impoverished saudi arabia the development was done in the '70s and '80s and as the population has exploded many services have deteriorated. young people do not have gratitude to the royal family they say why haven't you done more? they hear through the media and other versions of islam islam, so they are also learning to question as well as communicate witches a new scene in saudi arabia. country exists on the three pillars of stability and all of those are cracking. religion is one of them and is almost impossible to imagine the omnipresence of religion. every shopping mall, airport has rows of prayer rugs with the direction of mecca properly pointed during the proper times of the day the shopping malls close everyone goe
Feb 24, 2013 10:00am EST
did go on and after that, he invented the religion called scientology. well, what is scientology exactly? there's a lot to know about it. it's a very eccentric worldview, created by a writer whose specialty was science fiction. so there's many elements of scientology does sound like science fiction because they were written by somebody who would very similar to much of his fiction. in scientology, the idea is you are an immortal soul that is called defeat any of the e4 and you live again. they can help you remember this past lifetimes and achieve your salvation. this is great news to a lot of people. in the course of therapy that scientology has this code auditing. the auditor, between you and auditor is a device and it's called in emea to. you hold toucans. in the old days they used to be campbell soup kids with the label scraped off. there are wires connect in a three-meter and a small amount of electricity passing those wires. it's one part of a lie detector that measures your cosmetic skin responses in this adventure upholster restoration. but it gets to something. so when yo
Feb 24, 2013 11:00am EST
four churches, one blinking stoplight, and no movie theaters. so religion was what people did. everyone went to church, and my father was far more conservative than the average person in the town. we were not permitted to wear pants, shorts, no alcohol, no dancing, no musical instruments in our church of christ. so in lots of ways i was quite at home in saudi arabia. [laughter] i devoted my time to trying to figure this country out, precisely because i think it is the one arab country that is truly strategic. not only because it is the world's largest exporter of oil, which sustains the western way of life, but because saudi arabia, i am convinced, will be critical in the ultimate resolution of what is the proper islam, which is going on now between the radicals, jihadists, if you will, and the more modernizing muslims. and that very battle also goes on inside saudi arabia. to try to understand the society can i knew that it was like someone coming here to write a book about america. you wouldn't be able to go to washington and new york and claim to understand america. so i ha
Feb 16, 2013 11:00pm EST
to right to dianetics then he invented the religion scientology. what is it exactly? there is a lot to know about of very eccentric world view and there are many elements in scientology that soundalike science fiction because there were written by someone gave britain something similar. that you are an immortal soul. in you have lived before and you will live again scientology helps you to remember the past lifetime it is good news to a lot of people. it is called auditing. the auditor between you and your auditor there is a divide called the of e-meter would hold toucans they used to be campbell's soup there is a wire and a small, not of electricity passing through it is one-third of all lie detector the measure is your skin responses not pulsar restoration but it does do something. when you're talking to your auditor the needle is constantly registering. in scientology they think it measures the mass of your thoughts and you can see the movement with the old the painful memory to show up and if you go through this thought and traded of painful qualities then the nato will slow dow
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Feb 20, 2013 8:00pm EST
with them. but they actually are trying to establish religion in the present system is actually picking one religion over another, they are helping to make it so that these are the real religions and they are picking the winners and losers essentially. neil: you are not afraid that they are witches? you are going to go right down the food chain? >> it is a long shot. >> they have enough of the case to go back to the district courts to have the opportunity of the case being presented. if they can show that this wasn't done in a neutral way, that this was done and they are just preferring the catholics over the weekends, then we needo address that. >> i think that all religions need to be treated equally. especially where people are looking for a source of religion. stability. most people in a country were placed where we are the most incarcerated place in the world, they should have the opportunity to do so. remember, a terrorist was recruited to become a muslim terrorist imprisoned. and that is a huge problem. i think that our justice department needs to look at. if the people h
Feb 20, 2013 7:30pm PST
i'm hearing. but watch again. it's fascinating - a world away in terms of religion. we've got hinduism, for our monist mysticism, we might have heard something or will hear something from original peoples, first national peoples, native americans. now we're going through the coptic orthodox faith, and two folks in this roll-in, both equally astute. one is brother mark, who used to be, i believe, a dentist or some kind of professional field, and he gave that up in order to go to this monastery, where he lives his life, and a life of meditation and prayer and connection with god. bishop thomas, on the other hand, is a major bishop in the coptic faith in egypt, but listen particularly, because we've had barbara's beautiful sahara - once again, we're getting too many synchronicities in this class. we have this book - from the library, folks; that's why you can't see the front on it - but we have this book about the sahara - we'll, we're going to the sahara; i forgot about that. yeah, we're going back to the sahara, and listen to what life would be like there. and so, if we could,
Feb 21, 2013 12:30am PST
jurisdiction over religion in the same way we don't over sexual orientation, what we're seeing in all of these -- and all of these are case by case, you can't just broad sweep the laws -- when students are bullied and harassed in this world because of religion, in most instances a lot of that is not about race or religion, it's because. perception that students that share certain religious traits also share certain ethnicities and that is discrimination and that falls under title 6. it is not just about enforcing the laws that make it clear how the laws apply. it is, though, as we said, you can't get at this through enforcement alone. this is a culture that tolerates this and in too many ways promotes it. as tom mentioned we have an unprecedented partnership not just between our agencies but agencies across the federal government that the president has convened to bring our best resources and minds to bear to do something about it. there is now a web site, where a tool kit is being developed and these kinds of best practices are being promoted. the center for disease
Feb 23, 2013 12:30am EST
can come back to that. the framing of this issue could be applied to any particular religion or faith, and that is this notion of a church that is growing, to your phrase, with the times. let's put that into two parts. a church that is growing, i totally get. nobody wants to be part of a church that is regressing, losing members, that is not expanding and going into different parts of the world, so i get that part. i guess what i did troubled by is this notion of a church changing with the times. if you are catholic, pentecostal, whatever you might be, you might be buddhist, how does a church have a responsibility to change with the times? if this is what you believe, and if these are the tenants of the gospel, and i use that word with the small "g," then why does the church even feel pressured to change with the times? i do not want to be in a church, quite frankly, that is changing with the times. i went to be in a church that stands for what it believes and believes what it stands for and does not change with the whims of the membership, so why would the catholic church above
Feb 16, 2013 5:05am EST
lives governed by religion and caste. many women never even report an assault, due to the social stigma. we are looking for the woman that the minister is accused of raping. "how do i know" says a neighbor. against a wall of silence. they seem almost too scared to tell us where she is. one person asks who will save them if they go against the establishment. >> these charges. an attempt to murder. >> this man says he tried to go against the establishment. he accused his local minister of trying to kill him after he challenged him in an election. he says this shows this. >> i am a conman. he was a politician. the police never would have had a case against him. >> but there has been no movement in the case so far, like so many in the overloaded indian justice system. we are on our way now to the minister accused of trying to kill his rival. it is not just attempted murder he is charged with, but many other crimes, too, including robbery and kidnapping. this man has won four elections here, and he has been in power 15 years. we pay him a surprise visit and five him surrounded by supp
Feb 18, 2013 3:30am PST
modern. very open-minded. unlike for some, there's no question of religion, of color of skin, or anything like that. people can be all beautiful. it depends on who they are, but it is not a question of color. for me, both of us were beautiful. and i loved color. color of the skin. tattoo on the skin, which is a kind of color. some blue colors that you add. and i wanted to show that. when i started, i remember that there were some beautiful girls. they're beautiful. but i felt like, ok, but there is also beauty. i have a girlfriend which was modeling for me that i met very early when i started that was from a french colony. she was beautiful and black and very inspiring, very nice. i say, yes, why not. for me, a difference was beautiful. they looked to me, and i wanted to show it. another kind of different was the fact that when i saw farida, i said, my god, she is incredible. i was very impressed by her beauty. very frightened even by her beauty. she was kind of a very arrogant imperial. and african and beauty with a special expression. not arrogant. but beautiful. i said, i want
Feb 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
, history, religion , ideology based on men's imperial prayer also uttered more publicly and privately and that power will be passed from father to son and everyone will with is that display and worship of all the powers of the power especially the church. bring you asserted in your letter to the patriarch the sincerity of your prayer i wondered for a moment if you were being ingenuous. but the more it thought about it after reading the court documents, i realize what prayer is and was and female prisoners are kept hidden so there will be no spectacle of female power in the world. all actions must be hidden in order to support the grander force that is generally male, the president, the father, the pitcher, or the police. you pray publicly in a person -- church the cat is out of the bag but the tumultuous career will never be taken back. know i will read marsh's: [applause] >> what follows the year? what are we? here is what follows in conclusion. what does it make us? after we smashed into drops, walls, whose eyes found us? just yours good god, yours alone. guide my hand. when i throw
Feb 24, 2013 8:00am PST
entire "race, religion and racism" dvd library... call... "race, religion and racism." call now. produced by ever-increasing faith ministries and you, our faithful friends and partners in this area. >>> a conversation with actor and new author eric la salle, and how 100 black women are helping young women and girls in the bay area. plus, news you can use. a love lesson. next on "black renaissance." >>> good morning. i'm your host, dr. brenda wade. you have seen them as a distinguished dr. peter benton on the hit tv series "e.r." and he directed shows like "law and order" and "csi can the," i -- "csi" and coming to america and so much more. today, we meet eric la salle in another role as the author of the page-turning thriller "laws of depravity." oh. eric. i love the title. it's just so oh, kind of slightly awful. >> slightly awful. >> i was afraid to open the book. >> oh. >>> is this going to creep me out? >> we wanted something provocative to -- provocative to grab your attention. >> it's very provocative. >> you have been doing it all as an actor and director, which actually,
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Feb 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
my father to find this out. listen, nobody's religion holds up under a tough scrutiny, including my own. that's for sure. and i mean, you can worship cows and suck on maple tree twigs if you want to go to heaven and that's fine. we should tolerate it. but the same deference should be shown to my religion, catholic church and the christianity, which is not really the case, bill. >> bill: you got seven. university of missouri got seven. but the wiccans and pagans got eight. now, gutfeld, i don't see anything wrong with this as long as the university is up front. this is a movement and there are wiccans and witches and they do what they do. this is america. i'm not outraged. >> i'm a class 3 warlock, which means i can turn people into frogs, see piers morgan. i think wiccans that i've met are extremely nice people, unlike some more extreme religions. they don't try to kill you. they don't fly plane noose buildings. they actually -- they don't get out on the street and preach at you. >> bill: that's right, i should have asked- they got to have a few muslims on this calendar, too. i forg
Feb 24, 2013 7:30am EST
danger, settling disputes, war, religion and speaking more than one language. this book is my most personal book. my books of the most practical value to our daily lives, and as a shameless author i hope they it's about what i've learned it will be my best selling book. about spending a lot of my time in traditional tribal societies over the past 50 years. and it's about what friends and other scholars have learned from other tribal societies around the world. all of us here are accustomed to living in big industrial societies, in permanent housing with central governments to make decision, with writing and books and internet. where most people live past age 60, where we regulate and counter strangers just as i am encountering you this evening, and where most of our food is grown by older people, we forget that every one of those things a -- arose recently in history. humans have constituted a separate line of biological evolution, about 6 million years. but all of the things i just mentioned didn't exist anywhere in the world 11,000 years ago. they rose only within the last 11,000
Feb 18, 2013 1:00am EST
religion? >> guest: it is more complex. the concept of the clash of civilizations and others a simplistic. a and more than 10 years after 9/11 we should be aware of the conflicts where america is involved. i find many conflicts are rooted in the clash already taking place before and 11 was centered government and the triumph of the community on the border between states. without local history or culture it is impossible to impose simplistic notions but someone did waziristan or yemen is aghast at a clash of civilizations and. 90% had no idea what 9/11 was zero or of some of did not been. would have to be careful how we are analyzing and i maintain there is a crisis already was united states involved in a local conflict. >> host: ambassador to bases u.s. attacking their own personal try for their government? >> guest: you raised the third factor, with united states, the tribes now of the central government with a triangle of conflict that is the conflict said is often overlooked. would you include the central government than you know, it has its own relationship for some benefit and it is
Feb 24, 2013 8:30am EST
that the greatest number of university departments , including philosophy, political science, religion and many, many others. those of us who of top machiavelli know that the book still caused outrage. those of us would read the scholarship i machiavelli know that it still provides original and surprising readings. but perhaps the dominant reading today's youth are outraged nor original insight. perhaps the dominant reading today is a breezy except vince, when netscape's over any puzzlement or worry. perhaps it is an attitude in which we flatter ourselves with our sophistication, perhaps an attitude that says we've seen this before, we are not shocked, will take it in stride and use a few trips along the way if we can. here's a recent books of machiavelli in the title. management in machiavelli, a prescription for success in your business. the print chess, machiavelli for women. this is from the dust jacket for the worse of intimacy to the battles of public life, whether confronting baathists, competitors or lovers, the greatest power belongs to the woman who dares to use the subtle we
Feb 21, 2013 2:30am PST
religion, but particularly islam, there's not always a clear understanding to what the first amendment guarantees, which is the right to teach about a religion but not proselytize about it. i think there's fear of associating with anyone associated with islam. there are events outside our control that creates more interest and unfortunately also makes people more afraid. one of the programs we are about to launch is putting all our content online so a teacher in north dakota where there are no muslim, potentially, no expert can come to her classroom, they can go to our web site and download the content and teach the things we are teaching. >> i think partnerships are the best way to overcome the limitations because we all have limitations. and sometimes it's just visibility. we actually have on our web site 50 short films and one of them is a muslim student from a school in fremont going to a school in arinda talking about what it's like going to school as a muslim in the united states and they are asking questions and you see we are all kids in school and we have more similarities tha
Feb 21, 2013 8:00pm EST
the event, and secondly, this is in public. there have been regimes in which the freedom of religion is understood to be a completely private matter. in the statement by mendelssohn, in connection with france, he said to be a citizen in the streets but a jew at home, but that is not the message you get from the stable of kosher food in philadelphia. it is ok to be a jew in public, too. it is not a matter of expressing to the private. the spirit of freedom is perhaps unique to the united states in the world, but even here, even with that kind of sounding, and even with the words of the first amendment to express that, things have not always been so happy, and especially not always so happy for minorities in america. he was not then chief justice but the man who was going to become chief justice of the supreme court fought on the convention to exclude roman catholics. it was a big fight. he was defeated alternately, -- alternately, but that was an attempt, and it was not long after, and that was a time when catholics constituted less than 1% of the population of the united states and w
Feb 17, 2013 10:30am EST
this-- i mean, and i mean-- i do not mean this to be in any way disrespectful toward religion-- but is it like a political convention? do you have people getting together feeling each other out? because one of you is going to be elected to this job. what's it like inside one of those conclaves? >> well, before the conclave actually start, there are a number of days when all the cardinals come together so that we can actually talk among ourselves, begin to get a better sense of one another. there are going to be 117 of us there with the right to vote. and just to get to know a little bit better personally one another, there will be four or five days of these meetings. but it-- >> schieffer: will you in any way-- could you be the nominee? >> no, that-- that enters into the world of fantasy. but when we get back into the real world, i think what will happen is a number of cardinals will begin to surface in the conversation among all of us as particularly appealing candidates. it's not like a political process, though. there aren't nominations, and you don't have people saying, "i vote
Feb 20, 2013 2:35am EST
repackage them. >> reporter: and he repackages religion in a very unusual way. he's also a professional rapper, and preaches religion with rhyme. >> sometimes you have to do a little hip-hop, too. >> reporter: during a sermon? >> if need me. ♪ i'm trying to live it like christ ♪ >> reporter: as a rapper around the chicago area, the reverend is known as jay quest. >> what it really does is hopefully lead people into a greater understanding and awareness of themselves and their god. >> reporter: he's been preaching for ten years, he's been rapping professionally for about five years. they don't seem like they go together. but apparently they do. >> i don't think that i rap religion, though. i think that i rap about life, and i rap about the narratives of all of our experiences. i think that's the same thing that sermons are about. >> reporter: sermons and rap, the two have met. frank mathy, abc 7 news. >> whatever it takes. >> whatever gets the message out there is a good thing. so different people respond to different things. i like it. >> especially if you want to get t
FOX Business
Feb 21, 2013 9:00pm EST
religion that want to believe and know what they want to do with their bodies. [applause] >> hi, my name is emily from indianapolis. and this past semester in my political science class island a little bit about the complications of voting with or against your party. but for libertarian what kind of dynamic does that play for you? >> well, i am a republican, as you well know. well, i personally believe the republican party is still the best vehicle to bring liberty into the political system. and know that there will be a lot of disagreement in this room up that, but that is my opinion. [applause] and i have always been a proud republican. i think that the republican party can be brought back to the principles of liberty. when you looked at my voting record, though more often with the republicans than i do the democrats. i do have one of the most independent voting records in congress. it is really not hard to do. yet to go out there and press the right button when the vote. [applause] >> greetings. you do something and have never seen any other politician do. you justify every vote
Feb 21, 2013 11:00am EST
of spiritualism, mysticism, religion in any context. the students simply perform the physical components of movement and breathing of mainstream yoga. is this a violation of separation of church and state, jeff >> i'm usually on the fence of these things. but i think i'll give an answer here. no. you know, yoga is yoga. yes, there are aspects of it that are informed by hinduism and various eastern religions. no. yoga is yoga and there's nothing religious. it's just making them healthier. and more fit. and, you know, you should not make a federal case out of it. >> the school said the kids can opt-out. those who do they actually kind of fall short i guess on their requirements. i'm not sure. but the group that's suing they actually say when you let the kids opt occupant they get bullied and then they are separated they can get picked on. it's a very big deal apparently yoga in this school district. >> jeff is too reasonable for me. he doesn't like to sue. he's a constitutional scholar. if he says no violation, novi allocation. but it's a problem if the government is endorsing i
Feb 19, 2013 7:00am EST
. >> it lets us down. it feels like we don't have a leader, someone that leads by the catholic religion. >> i disagree. i think it's for the good for all masses. he wants to be fully functional 100%. >> right. >> to all. and if he can't conform to the duties of the pope then he should step aside and -- >> i want to understand what catholicism means to you personally. >> catholicism and christianity is you live it. it's not just, gee, i believe this, and i'm going to sit in the corner. >> sometimes the dogmas are just too strict for me. i do believe in compassion but i think, you know i'm a little more open with choice. i think, you know a woman's right to choose, that goes against the catholic church. >> i don't believe in abortion. however, in this society now, i'm just not going to tell somebody else you can't do it, you know. and that kind of puts -- that puts you at odds with your own beliefs. in this society, you have to be more or less politically correct. >> it's evolved. the catholic religion has not. >> when you go to p.c. you don't have a conversation like this. i mean, it's c
Feb 24, 2013 7:00am EST
bear arms ensures our religion? i don't think so. i think it's the people. >>> a montana gun law is proposing a new sheriffs first bill which would allow county sheriffs to pick and choose which federal laws they want to enforce in their state. if a federal agent arrests someone without stopping in at the sheriff's office first, that agent would then be arrested and charged with kidnapping the person they arrested. as gary morbid told "mother jones" might say that we have probable cause to say we have this person in our county who's making firearms without a license. and the sheriff might say, well, gosh, under the montana firearms freedom act, he might say you don't have permission for this bust. it was cleared by a vote by the state's republican-led house judiciary committee just this week. >>> finally, who do you really think has got the short end of the stick when it comes to the looming spending cuts that are said to hit on march 1st? consider the guy who's enforcing 800 thousand defense department layoffs as a result. that would be pentagon comptroller robert hale taking it in
Feb 21, 2013 6:00am EST
religiÓn y las cosas del estado no se pueden mezclar .. y cuando eso ocurre se pierde el sentido de lo que dios querÍa para las cosas " tiene embajadores y tiene embajadores al vaticano en todas las capitales mas importantes del mundo asÍ que se ejerce una influencia a travÉs de la diplomacia en muchos paÍses de la tierra.. " la resiente renuncia del papa ha levantado una hola de especulaciÓn en el mundo entero .. hay quienes dicen que es el inicio del fin para la iglesia catÓlica y la identifican con la mujer descrita en el apocalipsis 17.. tanto nostradamus como san malaquÍas han predicho que al prÓximo pontÍfice se le conocerÁ como pedro el romano y que este seria el ultimo antes del fin curiosamente uno de los candidatos predilectos para asumir dicho cargo es el cardenal peter turkson, o pedro, en espaÑol, originario de ghana, y cuya curia a la que pertenece es la romana hay quienes quienes se han atrevido a decir , que sea quien sea el elegido .. ese serÁ el anticristo " el anticristo no serÁ un papa .. serÁ un lÍder poli Ítico de origen judio gobernando la uniÓn
Feb 22, 2013 12:00am EST
of religion some think we find the truth ♪ where innocence is stricken without an ounce of proof ♪ while the wheels of injustice can turn mighty fast ♪ another blood moon of october will silently pass ♪ with words of love in a telephone call ♪ and anything made of paper that's all ♪ that's all that's all
Feb 17, 2013 4:30pm PST
president did say during the campaign cling to their guns and religion. >> oddly enough opposite of 40 years ago. you listen to richard nixon on secret tapes he's saying things i'm for gun control and the way i will do it, scare all of the white voters about the black panthers. chris: and it worked. safe streets act. >> i think there's a mismatch with how people actually live and how people actually want to think about the country. if you look at the border for instance, look at brooklyn and what happened during hurricane sandy, there wasn't any rash of looting and rash of stealing. i don't know if this is going to work. wayne lapierre. chris: i have not seen a republican stand up and say i disagree with wayne lapierre in the media. >> there are two issues here. we will not get a sweeping gun control bill because politics are such we're not. but the question of can wayne lapierre help republicans build a big collision across issues. there i agree with mia i don't that i will happen. i think that's older america. really -- chris: you're smart but could it be short road strategy? everyon
Feb 20, 2013 12:00am PST
is your culture? what is your tradition? even what is your religion?" and that had me thinking. turning this around. ice and i am a cologne. clone. i am a clone of the white man. you can call me whatever you like to call me. i do not know nothing else to be but hooah i am. and he said that is how we deal with you. tavis: you have gone to meddlin now. that is what my grandmother would say. i want to turn this conversation into being a clone of a white man, and you are going to come back another day, and we are going to talk about just that subject matter. it is important. this is black history month, so there is no better time. but i digress. that is a very deep point that i want to merit it on myself. i do want to come back to this point of you being a veteran, because you are a veteran. >> right. tavis: and you became a veteran after you were a star already. "lawdy miss clawdy" song was already out. you were on the charts, and you ended up being drafted. >> that is right. tavis: so you went to fight. >> why they took me, before i went in, no family was entitled to have more th
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